With the number of gamers growing, companies are scrambling to come up with the most innovative gadgets for gamers. The price range of available gadgets can go as low as USD 12 and can go as high as USD 1,000+. If you do not have the money to buy expensive gadgets, try playing high limit casinos to score some cash.  

Here are cheap yet cool gadgets in the market today. 

Nintendo Switch Hyper Drive Wheel 

If you are into racing games like Mario Kart, Mantis Burn Racing or Fast RMX, the feel of the game becomes more intense as you use the Nintendo Hyper Drive Wheel during the game. This accessory is only USD 10 and is compatible with the Nintendo Joy-Con Wheel. The steering wheel-like design gives you a better grip, as if you are driving a real car. The buttons are in the middle of the wheel for easy access.  

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel 2-pack 

Another wheel-type controller for Nintendo Switch racing games is the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Wheel 2-pack. Since it comes in twos, it is perfect for 1-2 player games. Double the wheel, double the fun. It is only 6.5” in diameter so handling it won’t strain your fingers. Plus, at 7 ounces, it is very light so playing for hours won’t be that tiring. The 2-pack only goes for USD 13. 

Mini smartphone gaming joystick 

The mini smartphone gaming joystick is an ingenious accessory for gamers who use their smartphones. This 1-ounce joystick sticks to a smartphone screen and gives players the feel of using a joystick during a game, thereby giving them full control of movements with accuracy and precision. No wires nor batteries are required to start using this joystick. Just stick it on the screen and start playing. And it does not leave any mark on the screen after removing it. Various brands have their own versions. Prices start at USD 4. 

Gaming headsets 

Playing for hours can be quite tiring, all the more if you use a pair of uncomfortable headsets. Not only that, some headsets do not have quality audio to let you hear all the sounds in the game. Fortunately, there are gaming headsets available that deliver comfort and excellent audio quality and more. Gaming headsets come with soft cushion head-pads and ear-pads for maximum comfort. They are also equipped with noise cancelling features so noise in your background are not picked up and your voice has clarity as you speak with your teammates. The audio also gives clear sound quality, including the bass in the sound to make you feel that you are in the middle of the action. Prices start at USD 2. 

Gaming mouse 

Computer mice are a big help when controlling the cursor when using a computer for regular tasks. But for gaming, the computer mouse takes on a more active role. Being able to move the cursor smoothly and precisely across the screen is surely a must. Gaming mice are designed for such a role. The ergonomic design is specifically for prolonged use, with switches placed for minimum effort. They are built with durability in mind, able to withstand millions of clicks, even bangs and drops. Wireless ones are the best for maximum control and comfort. Prices start at USD 4.