Thanks to technology, there are more and more electric appliances and gadgets in the home, not to mention the phone and internet connection. With all these things, cables come along with them. And sometimes they can run amok and seem like a cable apocalypse has come upon you. But there is no need to fear and worry. There are simple and stylish ways to organize them and hide these snake-like cords.

Toilet tissue roll cord holder

Don’t be quick to throw away your empty tissue roll. You can use them to hold and separate your cords. Paint them, decorate them with some washi tape, or cover them with decorative paper, these tissue roll cord holders will keep tangled cords at bay.

Cord slips or Command hooks

If you have your gadgets and modems on a table, don’t let the cords dangle about. Stick some cord slips or hooks behind your desk, along the apron, to guide your cords as they run along the sides of the table down to the floor. And, voila! No more messy cords behind or under the table. If cord slips are hard to come by or are expensive, another inexpensive alternative are binder clips! You can also attach them on your walls.

Decorative baskets or boxes

To hide your modem and cords, put them inside beautiful boxes or baskets. Arrange them inside, along with the cords, then cut out a window for the cords to pass through.

Baseboard Covers

You can amp up the use of your baseboards by using them to hide those unsightly cords running along the wall. You can attach a simple cover on the baseboard that is high enough to hide the cords. It can even be a DIY project! Or buy some flexible vinyl baseboards that can be put over your cords. And presto! You have incorporated it into the design of your home.

Wall covers

If it cannot be helped and your cords have to snake over your wall, you can use some cord covers or flatwire to cover your cords and paint over them to disguise them as part of your wall. And just like magic, the cords disappear from sight!

Creative bundle

If you can’t beat your cords, might as well join ‘em! But you can do so with pizzazz. If the cord is quite lengthy, why not arrange it in such a way that it becomes an outline or drawing of something. You can trace the outline of a skyline or write your name in calligraphy using the cords. Or you can cover it up with braided yarn so they still look beautiful. Or tie the cords together with tie wrap and bundle them up with a cloth that matches the color of your wall. Your cords will instantly fade into the background.