Goodbye iPod Mini. Hello iPod Nano! But wait…what are you going to do with that old Mini now that you’ve decided to fork out for an even cuter sliver of iPod goodness? Chill, dude, I’m here to help you out…

1. Use it as the world’s most expensive paperweight.

2. Carry it in your top shirt pocket to deflect stray bullets.

3. Add it to your iPod family, you freak!

4. Stock it up with appropriately wistful tracks (Power of Goodbye, Bye Bye Baby…) and stick that sucker on eBay, tightwad.

5. Use it as a really opulent doorstop.

6. iPod dominoes, anyone?

7. Save yourself over $200. Just take your Mini and hit it with a sledgehammer until it’s real flat. Then paint it black and color in the screen with some crayons. Hey presto…you don’t need to fork out for a Nano after all!