It’s not quite the merger between iPod and cell phone that people hoped for from, say, the ROKR, but still pretty cool: the BluEye, a gadget that a connects Bluetooth receiver, control pad, headphones and (as a special touch) FM radio to any of the 5 most recent iPod models, allowing you to make, receive and ignore phone calls from your iPod.

Here’s how it works: the BluEye syncs up with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. When you get a call, it alerts you through your earphones with your ringtone and gives you the option of answering or ignoring the call. If you answer, the hands-free microphone handles all talking duties, while the BluEye pauses the iPod and displays caller ID information on the screen. Missed a call? Scroll through a list of your 9 most recent calls on the iPod, choose a number and BluEye will make the call for you. Again, you don’t need to pick up your phone. The only catch: you can’t call someone who isn’t on that list, which seems like a pretty big flaw for a device as potentially useful as this one. You’d think with a Bluetooth connection, some synchronization between your phone’s address book and the iPod address book would be possible…maybe in a future release?

Via Webuser