A popular Jamaican reggae band – Morgan Heritage – were in Lisbon yesterday and I had the opportunity to go to the concert and record parts of the show with the Nokia N90.

Before watching the videos I’d like to add that the conditions are not the best and the N90 records much better, but these are the first videos I can share.

In the concert I was this far | | to the big stage speakers, so turn the volume down when watching the videos. It was in a disco and it’s full of all kind of lights so sometimes the image is not good. It was a full-house and people were pushing me all around.

Anyway, here are some of the videos:

Nokia N90 Video Sample – Morgan Heritage Concert – Part 1
First song of the concert .. Size: 3,14MB .. Time: 47 seconds

Nokia N90 Video Sample – Morgan Heritage Concert – Part 2
Name of the song: Hail Up The Lion .. Size: 2,14MB .. Time: 32 seconds

Watch Part 3 and 4 of the videos

I will post more videos of the concert in a few minutes, they are better quality-wise. The series (part 1 and 2) of the N90 at the concert is a fun and original way of showing the N90 recording capabilities, even with bad conditions. I will also upload other videos in the next days that have nothing to do with the concert, and have better quality.

You need the latest version of QuickTime – Download at Apple’s website – to watch the videos.

If you like reggae you’ll certainly enjoy the Morgan Heritage music, listen to some of their songs at www.morganheritagemusic.com and check the Tour information, they’re going to France, Germany and Netherlands this month.

Update: The files were hosted at filefactory.com and had all kinds of ads and loops that I didn’t notice. They are now hosted at Creative Weblogging.