What can you buy for less than $15 at Amazon.com? Let’s take a look at some cool gifts and gadgets for agent offices, home and on the road. Some of these items might even make your Holiday “wish list.”

Cable Chord Organizer – $9.99: This weighted organizer sits in your desk and makes sure your charging chords for your smartphone, your laptop and your other devices don’t fall on the floor – or worse, behind your desk! It’s simple, smart and a real pain reliever.

Smartphone Nano Sticky Pad Wall Holders – $7.99: Mount one to your car, the other to your wall, and it will hold your Smartphone firm. This two-pack uses nano elastic material. It claims to be “ultra sticky and strong, flexible, anti-skid, and environment-friendly” to firmly adhere to almost any surface. You can even fold and shape it as a phone holder for a desktop angled view. Stick it to your mirror while you are getting ready in the morning and stream your favorite Netflix show on your Smartphone!

Smartphone Stick-on Slim Credit Card Wallet – $9.99: When you’re running to take a client to lunch, you don’t need your purse or a bulky wallet, just your Smartphone with this slick accessory. It sticks to the back of your Smartphone and can hold your credit card, driver’s license and a few business cards. That’s all you really need, right? Holds up to 5 credit cards total.

Car multi-safety tool + tire pressure gauge – $10.69: Agents practically live in their cars as a second home. So having one tool that does many things, including breaking a window and cutting a seat belt in case of an emergency, is a must have. What’s even better is when that same safety tool you hope you’ll never have to use has a practical application. You can use this one all the time: a digital tire pressure gauge. This is a 5 in 1 Safety Tool Set: LED Flashlight, Car Window Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter, Red Safety Light and Digital Tire Gauge.

Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Plug – $13.99: If you have an Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap or Show, you can take the next step towards making your home even smarter at a very low cost. This smart plug will let you turn on or off anything you can plug into it (up to 2000W rated power) by simply telling Alexa voice control to turn it on. So if you don’t get up at the same time every morning and don’t have a smart coffee maker, you do now: just get it all ready the night before, plug it into this smart outlet and before you get in the shower, tell Alexa to turn it on.

Travel Humidifier – $13.99: It’s cold and flu season and if you’re traveling, it seems that’s when you are likely to catch something, right? This is something that can help. This cool mist humidify will pack easily, as it’s less than 3” x 7”, ultra quite and USB powered. You’ll find several options on Amazon, but this one is highly rated and a big value for its small size and price.

LED Flying Disc – $12.99: Agents work long hours, but you have to have fun right? A glow in the dark Frisbee just won’t cut it after hours, but an Aerobie Skylighter Disc will. This LED-flying disc offers a great way to blow off some steam after hours and reduce stress. Check out the video.

Uber Geek Pen – $11.99: They have jammed 12 functions into one pen: It’s a Hole Punch (AWL), with a short cutting blade, and a wire stripper that can also be used as a small nail or staple remover. It has a long cutting blade, a Phillips head screwdriver attachment, a small saw, a stainless steel file, and a flathead screwdriver attachment. If that wasn’t enough, it also features a scraper, mini tweezers, a tiny stainless steel fork and yes, it also is a real writing pen!

Compact LED Key Chain + Multi-tool – $14.99: So if the Geek Pen isn’t your style, then maybe this Gold metal color key holder is? This one is five tools in one, as it features the LED light, a bottle opener, a built-in mini wrench set and even serves as a small smartphone stand. Plus it can hold up to 24 keys.

Do you know of a cool tech tool or gadget for under $15 on Amazon? Send us the link and we just might add it to this story!