I have always thought that there are two methods of raising children. You can childproof your house, or you can houseproof your child. That is to say you can skip blocking wall-sockets if you make sure your kids are smart enough to not put a fork into the socket. The same goes for making sure your child doesn’t use his/her cell phone while driving. Engineers at the University of Utah do not agree with me.

Those witty engineers,have developed a key fob for your car that jams cell phone signals when the key is in the ignition. This technology called Key2SafeDriving, forces a user’s cell phone into “drive mode.” While in drive mode, the phone will be plastered with a giant stop sign that will train a teenager not to use the phone. This is guaranteed to work because if a teenager didn’t listen to his/her parent he is bound to pay attention to a cell phone.

The tech is expected to hit the streets within six months. I wonder what the unintended consequences of this gadget will be. How long will it take to get sued because someone dies because they did not get a call. Like I said, it might work better to just raise your kids to not be stupid.