The French company – EDF Électricité de France – has come up with 4 interesting and creative ads that will probably make you feel a bit dumb if you don’t do as they say. It has to do with saving energy, saving time and preserving the nature/environment.

So what can you do to help save the world? The following ideas include saving your money too:

    • turn off your computer on long periods of not using it (ie. while sleeping)


    • use low-wattage bulbs


    • switch off the television, or put it on stand-by mode


    • install solar panels


The original part of the ads is that there are animals doing the previous tasks that humans should do, like a penguin turning off the computer, or a chimp plugging a low-voltage bulb. Check the 4 animal ads on this page.

It reminds me of a how to use the “eco trash can” ad that was on the TV some time ago, it showed a monkey that could learn how to use the eco garbage in minutes, while normal human beings took much longer to learn the simple process. Isn’t it ironic?

I’m happy to say that from the 4 ads there is only thing I don’t do which is using solar panels, what about you?