EDCs or Every Day Carry items are the in thing nowadays. With a lot of gadgets available today, there are things that you must always carry. Here is a partial list of them.

Cashstash waterproof capsule

Need a secure place to keep your emergency money? Look no further, the cashstash waterproof capsule is here. You can easily stash one bill in this to save you in emergencies should you lose your wallet or get short on cash. No one would ever suspect.

BACtrack Vio Keychain breathalyzer

This nifty device connects to your smartphone or tablet and tells you if your BAC or blood alcohol content is over the limit. It also calculates how much time you need to stay off the road till your BAC goes down to acceptable levels.

Motz Tiny wooden acorn speaker

It is nice to look at and may seem useless but you can actually use it as a speaker. It is rechargeable and can be used with your smartphone or tablet.

Nite glowring keyring

Using the same technology in aircraft instrument dials, this makes it easy to find your keys and the light lasts for 10 years. No batteries or charging needed.

Swiss tech utili-key multi-tool

Don’t let appearances fool you. It may look like a key but it isn’t. It is not for picking locks but it is actually a 6-in-1 gadget. It is a bottle opener, has 3 different kinds of screwdrivers, and 2 different blades.

iMpulse wireless controller for mobile devices

Need a gamepad to play Goat Simulator? Why lug a bulky one when you can carry it as a keychain. This is compatible with iOS and Android and can double as a selfie remote.

Devotech fuel micro sized charger

If you ever run out of juice on your smartphone and need to send an SMS or make a phone call, this pint-sized charger can top you up for at least 5% to send that message or place that call.